Michigan’s Largest Marijuana Recall Concealed In Secretive Court Battle: Doesn’t The Public Have The Right To Know?

Michigan’s record-breaking marijuana recall has now turned into a covert legal dispute, out of sight of the public and media.

Cannabis Case Shrouded In Secrecy

The case revolves around allegations made by the Cannabis Regulatory Agency (CRA) against Viridis Laboratories, accusing the lab of producing inaccurate test results and inflating THC potency data.

Viridis denied the claims and countersued the CRA, accusing the regulator of unfair targeting.

Administrative Law Judge Stephen Goldstein ordered that all hearings be closed to the public and media, with no explanation provided.

This decision is highly unusual, as administrative court hearings involving government agencies are typically open to the public, reported local media.

“The tribunal has the legal authority to regulate the course of the hearing,” said AG spokesperson Danny Wimmer.

Transparency Concerns

The lack of transparency has raised concerns about hiding vital information from public view. Rick Thompson, executive director of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) in Michigan, emphasizes the need for accountability and democracy. “Without having the proceedings being published, it’s possible a lot of things may remain hidden from public view.”

The Michigan Press Association also questions the decision, highlighting that this case involves consumer protection issues about which the public has a right to know.

Michigan Calls For Public Feedback On Drug Testing Reforms

Michigan’s Civil Service Commission is seeking public input on proposed changes to the state’s drug testing regulations, which include eliminating pre-employment marijuana testing for most public employees and allowing reapplication for those who previously failed the test.

NORML supports these changes, highlighting that past cannabis exposure screenings are invasive, discriminatory, and ineffective in ensuring workplace safety.

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