Liz Cheney Booed By Grads Who Turned Their Chairs Backwards At Colorado College Commencement

Via The College Fix,

‘My fellow Republicans wanted me to lie,’ Cheney said during speech

Former Republican Congresswoman Liz Cheney was booed and protested as she gave a commencement speech Sunday at her alma mater Colorado College — even though she condemned her GOP colleagues in her address.

While she received some applause and support, a contingent of students booed her and turned their chairs around so their backs faced her during her speech, apparently because the former Wyoming congresswoman is Republican, according to news reports.

“When Cheney was introduced – mostly to applause – about half the graduates turned their chairs 180 degrees and sat with their backs to the former Wyoming congresswoman for the entirety of her speech,” the Gazette reported.

The Daily Mail reported Cheney was booed by some grads despite the fact that she was a vocal critic of former President Donald Trump:

“One graduate’s message to Cheney was splashed on her cap. It read: ‘Why listen to a racist, imperialist, transphobic, war monger?? Your hate is loud.’”

As The College Fix reported in March, Cheney has accepted an appointment to serve as a professor at the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia for the fall 2023 semester.

Cheney’s job will include participating in university-wide lectures, serving as a guest lecturer in student seminars, and contributing to the Center for Politics research.

During her speech, she repeated her attacks against Trump and fellow Republicans.

“After the 2020 election, and the attack of Jan. 6, my fellow Republicans wanted me to lie,” Cheney reportedly said.

“They wanted me to say that the 2020 election was stolen, that the attack of Jan. 6 wasn’t a big deal, and that Donald Trump wasn’t dangerous. I had to choose between lying and losing my position in House leadership.”

“No party, no nation, no people can defend and perpetuate a constitutional republic if they accept leaders who have gone to war with the rule of law, with the democratic process, with the peaceful transfer of power, with the Constitution itself,” Cheney said.

“You may find yourself confronting challenges that you could not have imagined, with very few allies by your side,” she said.

“And this morning I want to tell you a secret: When the path ahead is obscure and unclear, you can find your way by resolving to do the next right thing. Resolve to do what is right, even when it’s hard, you’re alone, even when you’re afraid — especially when you’re afraid.”


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