Ford Nicholson’s Message To Investors: Now Is The Time To Invest In Energy

Few resources are more important to the survival of modern society than energy, as a reliable supply of it is needed to power our homes, industries, and essential systems. Recently, this reliability has been threatened by an unprecedented energy crisis that has cost billions of dollars and resulted in global uncertainty. Fortunately, energy legend Ford Nicholson believes that we are now in front of a unique opportunity for investors to help build a modern and more effective system.

Known for the impact he has had on the energy industry over his 40 years of experience, Nicholson is one of the most respected leaders in the energy industry. His status and success at building several multi-billion companies have made him the expert people go to when they want to know what’s coming. Now, the energy veteran is predicting that those who move fast will get to benefit from one of the biggest windfalls in history.

According to Nicholson, the opportunity stems from how the European energy crisis was rekindled by the Russian and Ukrainian conflict. Despite the fact that 45% of all its natural gas imports had come from Russia, Europe’s decision to oppose the Russian invasion resulted in its supply being heavily disrupted. Russian retaliation and Europe’s own sanctions mean that Europe is still scrambling to find new sources of energy. 

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With the region being woefully unprepared to turn back to fossil fuels, governments have chosen to invest heavily in wind and solar energy. This approach has not been successful so far, leading Nicholson to believe that this is just the beginning of something much bigger, a process that he is calling the “$5.3 trillion Global Energy Reset.”

As governments redouble their efforts to achieve energy sovereignty, the energy industry is going through a period of rapid growth. This is the result of energy companies proving to be essential to government efforts by developing local projects. This, of course, has translated to unprecedented profit for those investing in the industry.

Europe’s pledge to become climate-neutral by 2050 also plays an important role in Nicholson’s prediction of the Global Energy Reset. With the shortage having accelerated the green transition, European governments have found themselves facing two major challenges: increasing their investment and meeting energy quotas. While the first one is relatively easy to sort through legislation, the second one has forced them to reconsider the use of fossil fuels, at least during the transition period.

Here is where Nicholson’s savvy comes in, as he is now serving as an advisor to a company he believes to be uniquely positioned to lead this transition: MCF Energy. As an established player in the German and Austrian natural gas exploration sectors, MCF Energy has an important stake in high-quality natural gas resources in Western Europe, giving it a first-mover advantage at a critical time.

With natural gas being recognized as a cleaner alternative to other fossil fuels, it is at the center of the transition to renewable energy. MCF Energy is also making rapid progress towards drilling which would allow it to supply European countries with domestic natural gas, guaranteeing a steady supply of the essential energy source at a fraction of the costs. To European governments, having a local source able to meet their energy demands would also mean protection from external manipulation, shielding them in the future.

Listed on the TSX Venture Exchange (MCF), the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (DC6), and the OTC Markets Group (MCFNF), MCF Energy has also seen increasing interest from investors over the past years. In addition to Nicholson, other renowned experts such as Gordon Keep, Deborah Sacrey, Mark Enfield and Ritchie Wayland are also serving as advisors to the company.

“The company leaders have extensive experience in the European energy sector,” said CEO James Hill in an interview with Grit Daily, referring to Director Jay Park, CFO Aaron Triplett, and Genexco Director Peter Eckhard Oehms. “Our goal is to create a positive and lasting impact in Europe by developing a cleaner, cheaper, and more secure natural gas industry as a transition to renewable energy sources.”

With an experienced leadership team and a focus on developing a cleaner, cheaper, and more secure natural gas industry, MCF Energy is almost certain to become a major player in the upcoming reset. Keeping a close eye on the company is probably a good idea for European governments and global investors alike as a new global energy industry is set to emerge, bringing with it a world of financial and innovation opportunities.

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