A Castle Is Up For Sale For A Jaw-Dropping $37,000 — But There’s A Catch

Located on Fetlar, the fourth-largest of the Shetland Islands, a sprawling Scottish castle is up for sale for just $37,000.

However, there’s a catch — the property will cost the buyer nearly $15 million to renovate it fully.

With its rich history and grand architecture, Brough Lodge presents an incredible opportunity for those seeking a distinctive property to call their own.

The Brough Lodge Trust, which is in charge of preserving the 200-year-old building, is hoping to renovate the property and turn it into a luxury retreat with 24 double bedrooms with the help of a “philanthropic entrepreneur,” according to Insider.  

“Several potential investors have been in touch with our selling agents, some of them traveling to Fetlar to view the Lodge and talk over the possibilities with trustees,” trust director Drew Ratter said in the statement to CNN.

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“One potential buyer has put forward a detailed proposal, and we are exploring it with them, but we would nevertheless still be interested to hear from other philanthropic entrepreneurs, as we would wish to achieve the best possible outcome for both the building and the community in Fetlar,” he added. 

Shetland, a subarctic archipelago in Scotland, is home to over 100 islands, 16 of which are inhabited. Among these islands, Fetlar is the fourth-largest, with a modest population of only 69 residents. 

According to CNN, merchant Arthur Nicolson built Brough Lodge in 1825 with a Gothic style in mind. Since the 1970s, the castle has been empty. 

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Photo: Ken Craig via Wikimedia Commons

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