Trump’s Niece Warns Of His Retribution: Will Bring ‘Everybody Down With Him If He Thinks He’s Doing Down’

Donald Trump’s niece Mary Trump has been promoting her forthcoming romance novel with Elizabeth Jean Carroll, the latter of whom successfully won a $5 million sexual assault and defamation lawsuit against the former president. In a recent media appearance related to the project, Mary Trump shed more insight into her uncle’s behavior.

What Happened:  “We remain mired in this loop where I think a significant minority of people and the entirety of the Republican Party either think something’s going to shift or that they are going to escape unscathed,” Mary Trump said, while discussing her uncle’s decision to run for a third time, in an interview with MSNBC on Friday.

The more Donald Trump gets away with the darkness, the more enabled he is, his niece said. She also expressed skepticism over whether holding him accountable matters anymore.

“On the one hand, that increases his street cred for some of his followers, and, on the other hand, regardless, he will be, unless something happens, the Republican nominee for president of the United States in 2024,” she said.

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Trump’s Battle: Asked what her uncle meant when he said “I am your retribution” during a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference in March, Mary Trump said Donald Trump meant “he is his retribution.”

“As has been well-established, and as you well know, he doesn’t care about anybody else. This is all his grievance, his pain, his need to fight back,” she explained. “This is all his grievance, his pain, his need to fight back, and you know with all of the cards in his back pocket, by the way, but with all of the help he needs it is his desire to undo whatever damage he believes has been done to him.”

Mary Trump also reiterated a point she made in 2020, when she said there was no bottom to which Donald Trump wouldn’t stoop. “If it means bringing everybody down with him if he thinks he’s going down, that’s what’s going to happen,” she said.

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