Pence Says Mar-A-Lago Indictment For Trump Would Be ‘Terribly Divisive’

GOP presidential primary and former Vice President, Mike Pence, criticized Donald Trump on various issues during Wednesday’s CNN town hall event but said he doesn’t want the ex-president to be indicted in the Mar-A-Lago probe.

What Happened: Pence, at the town hall event in Iowa, talked about his disapproval of Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020 election results and his praise of Vladimir Putin but urged the Justice Department not to indict his onetime boss. 

According to Pence, Trump’s indictment would be “terribly divisive to the country” and “send a terrible message to the wider world.” 

“I hope the DOJ thinks better of it and resolves these issues without an indictment,” Pence said while advocating that “no one is above the law” and the ex-president should be punished for potential mishandling of classified documents without resorting to an indictment.

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“I would just hope there would be a way for them to move forward without the dramatic and drastic and divisive step of indicting a former president of the United States. We’ve got to find a way to move our country forward and restore confidence in equal treatment under the law in this country. We really do.”

Why It Matters: The former U.S. leader’s alleged mishandling of classified documents at his Florida estate is among several cases under investigation by the DOJ and special counsel Jack Smith

As per a recent report, federal prosecutors notified Trump that he is the target of an investigation into his handling of classified documents found at his residence, Mar-a-Lago. The letter indicates that Smith is nearing a decision regarding potential charges in his investigation against the former president.

Meanwhile, Pence said he will not pardon Jan. 6 rioters if he becomes president. “I have no interest or no intention of pardoning those that assaulted police officers or vandalized our Capitol. They need to answer to the law.”

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